about us


MINDLEAD’s mission is to provide companies and leaders with a serious and effective introduction to mindfulness training aimed at leadership.

Who are we?

We are a small team of two psychologists – Paul Gandil and Paw Robert Risager. We both have extensive experience in both business and health psychology. We share an appreciation of the way mindfulness training has benefitted and enriched our lives. Mindfulness training has given us something essential on many levels – both professionally and personally. It is this appreciation, coupled with our knowledge and expertise in the effects of mindfulness training that makes us passionate about sharing mindfulness practice and training. We also share a long track record in leadership development, teaching and consultancy with a wide range of companies and organisations.

Coming from different generations and backgrounds, we make a dynamic, versatile team where each of us contribute something valuable. Paul Gandil is the more experienced business psychologist with a longer career, including his professional experience as a leader. In terms of mindfulness, Paw Robert Risager has over 24 years of experience with meditation, and is a qualified mindfulness instructor from the Center for Mindfulness at The University of Massachusetts Medical Center.

This is the basis for doing what we’re passionate about and are committed to: providing serious, high quality courses in mindfulness training for leaders and companies.

At MINDLEAD we are experts in providing courses for leaders at executive level – in both the private and public sector.

MINDLEAD’s courses are custom-made to fit the context and conditions of modern management and are purposefully designed to systematically develop specific, personal strengths that make a significant difference to any leader’s basis for practising the craft of leadership.

MINDLEAD’s courses represent an upgrade of the leader’s personal base for making optimal use of their entire repertoire of professional leadership tools.

MINDLEAD’s approach to leadership development is based on meditation training. Drawing on the latest psychological and neurological research, and our extensive experience in business psychology, we have finely tuned our mindfulness training to match the challenges faced by leaders today.

MINDLEAD’s courses are a vital source of inspiration for leaders to maintain a high level of performance in the long run, keeping healthy with a balance between their working life and private life.

MINDLEAD’s goal is to be a key step on the path to elite leadership.