open course: mindfulness training for busy managers

»Mindfulness Training for Busy Managers« is an intensive course of training for the leader who wants to develop their leadership from good to excellent. »Mindfulness Training for Busy Managers« develops your management skills with the extra dimension of mindfulness and meditation practice. Mindfulness training improves the quality of your leadership through the development of 5 areas of personal strength:

  • Focused attention
  • Mental clarity
  • Self awareness
  • Creativity
  • Resilience towards stress

As a leader you will be able to feel the effect of the training fast, achieving heightened levels of concentration and mental energy. An intensified ability to concentrate and ignore distractions will improve your personal efficiency. A higher level of mental clarity will put you in a better position to prioritise and make decisions. You will experience an increased ability to be present in communication with your staff, providing you with essential ballast for achieving results. You will be able to deal with complex situations with more presence, authenticity and flexibility. Your ability to slow down and relax in your leisure time will improve, generating more balance, well-being and pleasure – both at work and in your private life.

»Mindfulness Training for Busy Managers« is an intensive and demanding course of training that purposefully improves personal strengths – an upgrade of your personal foundation that will enhance the use of your entire repertoire of leadership skills and qualities. The course is a vital source of inspiration in how you as a leader can maintain a high level of performance in the long run, while maintaining a healthy balance between your working life and private life.

MINDLEAD’s goal is to be a key step on your path to elite leadership.

Course Content

Training in different forms of meditation plays a central role in the programme. Based on the latest psychological and neurological research, and our experience in leadership development and business psychology, MINDLEAD has developed an approach to mindfulness training that is the ideal match for the challenges faced by busy managers.

The programme includes mindfulness and meditation theory, including the presentation of scientific results on the effects of mindfulness. There will be a one-day silent retreat during the programme, and yoga is included as a way of training awareness of the present moment. We also explore how meditation can create a new platform for creativity.

We work with 7 values of mindfulness, examining the role they can play both in individual practice and our interaction with others. These values have a clearly ethical dimension, which we approach from a managerial and organisational perspective.

You’ll leave the course with new knowledge, experience and tools that will enable you to continue practicing mindfulness on your own. According to your needs, you can join a network of other leaders with an interest in mindfulness. MINDLEAD also provides follow-up training for both individuals and groups.

The Programme

The programme consists of 2 + 2 + 1 days. The 2-day modules are residential, and held at the beautiful Bymose Hegn Centre near Helsinge, Northern Zealand. The programme also includes 3 individual 1½-hour coaching sessions focused on anchoring your practice and relating it to your individual leadership needs.


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