Why Mindfulness for Leaders?

In our globalised and digitalised world, today’s leaders face increasing demands in terms of performance, on-line availability and multitasking. The demands on a leader’s ability to meet the needs of their staff – for sparring, presence and attentiveness – remain undiminished. Digital communication crosses borders and creates the potential for growth at many levels, but it can also deprive leaders of the time and space they need to reflect and replenish their own resources and personal energies.

How can leaders keep themselves in shape mentally, psychologically and energy-wise in the long run in the face of these challenges? Leaders today clearly need to develop personal strategies and strengths to meet these growing challenges.

This is where mindfulness training becomes relevant, offering as it does an approach that can support and strengthen leaders’ capacity to focus and develop clarity, resilience to stress and creativity.

By integrating mindfulness practice in their daily lives, leaders can gradually train their mental agility and strengthen their personal resources and energy to operate optimally and professionally under pressure.


MINDLEAD has developed a unique training programme locating mindfulness meditation in a leadership context. Most leaders live busy lives where time is of the essence. As professionals this is something we understand, and our programmes are:

  • Intensive
  • Realistic in terms of time investment
  • Contain the most essential and effective elements of mindfulness training
  • Relevant to leadership
  • Where all participants are leaders

Our course »Mindfulness Training for Busy Managers« makes it possible for leaders – by investing a total of 5 days over 3 months – to acquire the knowledge, methods and experience necessary to implement mindfulness in their professional lives as leaders. The five days of the course are supplemented and supported by 3 individual coaching sessions.

MINDLEAD’s approach to meditation training has no religious or spiritual overtones or undertones.